How to Choose Blue Platform Bed


Blue platform bed is a solid base made of wood, which replaces the traditional metal bed frame. The platform is usually supported by four legs and may be open below or may have drawers placed below the bottom edge of the platform. Platform beds are a favorite choice because they offer an appealing look as many people prefer to more traditional style beds. But more than just the appearance, people attract the platform bed.

No Box Spring Required

One reason for getting a blue platform bed is purely economic. You will never have to invest in a box spring again. Box springs are designed to support the mattress, but a platform removes the need for additional support because it is a massive piece as opposed to the open frame design of traditional beds. This solid platform prevents the mattress from folding under the weight of the sleeper or simply falls through to the floor.

Today’s thick mattresses

Blue platform bed sit low on the ground and can still require a drawer spring for those who prefer not to sleep closer to the floor than some other beds allow. But modern mattresses tend to be much thicker and can be as thick as 22 inches or even more in some models. Handling a mattress so thick will actually take the bed back to a familiar height on a platform without a box in the spring. Since many of the best mattresses are thicker models, the platform will allow consumers to buy the best and still keep the beds at normal height. A platform bed is usually better for under-bed storage. Some beds are built with drawers underneath the platform and some are just a bit higher than usual frames so you can add more. If the space is a problem in your home and you need every available storage space, a platform bed can provide a few square feet to help stun off some of the items that you have no other places to hold.


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