How to Build Plywood Platform Bed


A simple plywood platform bed for your child’s single beds can be as easy or as difficult as you want it to be. Some plans call a board with posts to keep the mattress on the floor. Others require expensive woods and complex designs. Regardless of your final design, you can start your double frame with a simple platform plan. This quick, inexpensive option can serve as the bed, or you can add extra features to your heart’s content. Building plywood platform bed is a cheap alternative to buying your bed frame in a furniture or boutique outlet. Let stand an hour or two for this project, unless you are going to paint the wood.

If you paint, set aside two blocks of about one hour each divided by a few hours or overnight to allow the paint to dry. The dimensions of these plans are for a full size mattress plywood platform bed, but you can build a frame for any size mattress by adjusting the measurements. Sand all sides of the wood with rough sandpaper. Then sand one side and the edges of the wood with fine-grained sandpaper. The sandpaper of all the faces of the wood that we have sanded with fine grain. Let it dry. This step is not necessary, but will make the finished product much more attractive.

Adjust the four 12 inches of 3/4 inch plywood sheets into a rectangle, resting on the narrower side. The shorter leaves should be inside the longer leaves and on the head and foot of the bed. Connect the plywood with three wood screws per connection, drilled through the side of the longer sheets and at the ends of the shorter sheets. Lay the 1/2 inch plywood sheet on the top of the rectangular frame. Screw it in place with a screw in the corner and a screw in the center of each edge. Place the frame plywood platform bed in position and attach your mattress to the top.

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