How to Build Platform Loft Bed

Jun 30th

Platform loft bed – When working in a small space to create a bedroom, the options for furniture can be very thin. The most common examples of small spaces include spare bedrooms in apartments, a home office are turning into a bedroom and bedrooms. To help you save space in the small room, you can choose to build a high bed. A high bed is raised above the ground so that the space below it can still be used for additional furniture, such as a closet or a desk. Plan to use 2×6 lengths of wood for all high bed pieces except for the stair steps and side rails, which can be made with 2×4 in place.

Platform Loft Bed Design
Platform Loft Bed Design

Develop a plan for your high wooden platform loft bed using the dimensions mentioned above. This plan will include the lengths of all the wood you need. The frame has to be able to accommodate the mattress you plan to use. The posts need to keep the bed high enough to use the space below. You need four 2×6 for the posts, four for the sides and one for stabilizing the back. You also need four 2×4 for side rails and three 2×4 for stair treads on each side, for a total of six stair steps. You will also need to attach a plywood sheet underneath for the mattress to sit on.

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Make platform loft bed, cut the wood. You can purchase wood precut to suit your dimensions, or you can cut yourself with a hand saw or circular saw. Sand the smooth wood on all sides once it is cut. Mounting the frame. The frame consists of the four posts and the four sides as well as an additional length of the wood along the back half way for additional stabilization. Connect the pieces first with wood glue and then with high strength 3/8 inch stud bolts. Be sure to attach the sides far enough away from the posts that the mattress and side rails fit easily. Attach the ladder steps and side rails using the same mounting method as above. Connect the thick plywood sheet to the bottom edge of the four sides. Use wood glue and 3/8 inch screws every few inches to ensure a tight fit. This is what the mattress will sit on top of, so you want to make sure it is extra safe.

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