How to Build Floating Platform Bed


Floating platform bed – Floating shelves hide their support structure in a hollow in the shelf itself. This makes for a storage space with clean, modern lines. It seems that the same concept could be applied to a bed, which makes a modern look beyond the bedroom. Unfortunately, also a double bed with a child sill structural support for a classic floating shelf. But by adding removable support chains, you can hold the shape of a floating shelf while adding stability when someone actually sleeps on the floating bed.


Build the floating platform bed

Place a 39-inch beam and a 76-inch beam into an L-shape, with the end of the longer beam facing the face shorter. Screw them together with two wooden screws. Apply the other 39-inch trawl to the other end of a 76-inch beam, which forms a C-shape. Screw it into place with two wooden screws. Slide the remaining 76-inch beam in the middle between the two 39-inch beams. Screw it to each beam with two screws.  Place a plywood board on top of the frame, its edges rinse with the frame. Screw it in place with a wooden screw per corner. Turn the frame over. Install the other plywood disc on the bottom just like you did the first one. Drive one eye each screw into two corners along one long side of the bed frame. Sand and paint all outside faces of your floating platform bed. Let dry.

Mount the platform

Slide open face your floating platform bed over the beam is mounted on the wall. Screw the platform onto the beam with two parallel rows with five screws each. Run the screws through the underside of the platform and into the beam above. Reinforce with two screws each at each end of the platform, driven through the beam and in the wall bracket behind. Further reinforcement with a row of five screws driven through the top of the platform and into the beam below. Cover the head on the edge and the upper screws with the painter’s kittens. Let the kitten dry. Sand of redundant kittens. Paint over putty and any shocks in the color from mounting the platform. Drive a chain between the lifting bolts on each end of the bed. You can remove these chains when the platform carries a light load, if the appearance bothers you.

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