How to Build a Platform Bed Ideas


How to build a platform bed – Enjoy superior backrest while saving money by building a platform bed yourself. Take a simple wooden box and turn it into a platform bed in an afternoon. Moved light, convenient and inexpensive, avoids a homemade platform bed cost and problems presented by box springs. Say goodbye to a falling, creaky bed and hello for a good night’s sleep.


Decide on the features of the how to build a platform bed. Factors to consider: 1) Are you going to attach a bedside and / or footstep? 2) Do you want an edge around the edge to keep the mattress slip? 3) Do you need a more flexible bed or a very firm bed that can support more weight? Sketch your design, or buy a plan online if you prefer (see Resources). Determine the size of your platform bed. Measure the length and width of the mattress you want to use. Then add 4 inches to the length. The width depends on whether you use a rim; add the width of the rim to the width of the mattress. Determine the finished height of the bed including mattress. Then subtract the thickness of the mattress from the total height; this measurement is the height of the platform. Remember to consider your bedside and footstool, if any, in your calculations.

How to build a platform bed with select material. 3/4 inch plywood is a good option because it is cost effective and provides some flexibility. Particleboard offers a good value, but is stiffer. Contact your purchased plan for the suggested materials. Cut your material, or cut your wallet or home products store. See your plan, or subtract the thickness of the upper surface material from the desired height of the platform; the measurement obtained is the height of two side supports from the floor. The length of the side support is equal to the measured value of the platform’s length bed.


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