How to Build a Platform Bed Frame Design


How to build a platform bed frame is the easy way to renovate your bedroom, getting rid of the annoying sparkle that follows metal spring beds and so you can achieve the perfect night’s sleep. Making your own platform bed is not only economical, but it allows you to add a personal touch like a unique bedside. Remember to consider the size of the bed before buying and cutting your material because your comfort is your ultimate goal and the size of the frame also determines the size of the second bedroom interior items such as the area rugs.


Cut or have a farm cut your timber to the measurements below. If joining two pieces of particle board together for a full size or larger bed, fasten them from the bottom with a straight metal band. One half will be the top of the platform and half the bottom part. Sand any uneven edges on your timber before building underneath. How to build a platform bed frame a rectangular box from four 1-by-12s, using a wooden screw and the illustration here as a guide. Sink the screws and cover the holes with wood filler. Attach the remaining long boards 1/3 intervals inside the frame. Measure the distance between each section and cut the remaining six-sided short boards to attach to spaced ranges as shown in the drawing. This creates a strong base that will not distort or twist.

Place the chipboard platform top side down and center the base underneath. Stain or paint for how to build a platform bed frame as desired. If a natural wood finish is desired, simply place a layer of polyurethane throughout the structure. Create a custom bed frame; you can transform your bedroom from a utilitarian one to one that reflects your personality and style. Building a bed frame is not a difficult task for anyone with basic knowledge of using electrical tools. The project is also an excellent project for parents and children to do together. Adding a plush, padded bedside to the bed frame gives you a cozy place to relax with a book. Stopped bedspreads also give an opportunity to put color and patterns in the room with graphic patterns.

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