Get the King Size Platform Beds DIY Projects


The simplest type of bed, platform beds are usually built near the ground and most of the time without headboards or stirrups. Japanese futons are most famously used with platform beds. But many European and Scandinavian countries have been sleeping on platform beds for hundreds of years as well. Buying king size platform beds will probably cost you a large sum of money. So it’s good news that making your own is not only much cheaper than buying one, but it’s not that hard either.

Plan a recess, 2 inches wide and 1 inch deep, at the edge of the 10-inch edge of the 76-inch planks, which will become the ends of the bed. The plan third recess of the same dimension by the center of the 10-inch band from the ends of the bed. A rebate is a groove or recess that helps create a strong bond between two pieces of wood. Place the 78-inch planks (the sides of the king size platform beds) at 38-inch intervals, which sits on its 2-inch sides. Place the bed ends at the ends of the planks and 78-inch long; the recesses will house the ends of these planks; two at each end, and one at the center.

Center of an 84-inch plank, which will serve as a bed strip, on the frame of the bed. Make 5 inches of the projection of the slats from the end of the bed, and 4 inches to each side of the bed. Pre-drill two holes through the mud and each of the three boards of the structure above, then screw down. Repeat with a second batten at the other end of the bed. Arrange the remaining evenly spaced slats on the frame. There should be about 2 inches between each batten. Make sure that each is flush at the ends and straight. Then before drilling and bolt down as did the first two. Sand the entire king size platform beds, then stain or varnish, as desired.


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