Funny Platform Bed Ideas for Kids


Depending on the age of the child there are several possibilities to consider. Platform bed ideas, bunk beds or beds with custom designs will be the focal point of the room, where they can also adapt on the head funny stickers or a quilt with thematic designs for the smallest of the house. Platform bed is fun for children, but before deciding to buy different safety factors to avoid accidents, a nice design is not only the key to feel comfortable but also bring handrails, stairs, a solid structure and a secure assembly with all screws and bolts tight.

The height of the bed depends on the age of the child, it is recommended beds not too high for children under 10 years, there are platform bed ideas semi-high and smaller. Create a space for the child to carry out their school work by adapting a small space that can be to one side of the room, to the center or near a window. The ideal is to locate the desk where the child can not be distracted, avoiding to see toys. If the spaces in the room are reduced what better way to take advantage of each space with a closet in the corner of the bedroom.

Another way to save space is to place the bed towards one of the corners of the room, leaving space for the child to move, without leaving aside other essential furniture such as a bookcase, drawers for toys as we see in this design . Accommodating the toys inside a closet or under the bed will allow you to see the most orderly bedroom. The colors have great benefits in the mood and development of the little ones, use them in the walls of your platform bed ideas and help them develop their imagination. During the preschool stage of the child, the colors become really important; especially, if they are used in a space in which they feel comfortable, like their bedroom.


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