Freshness and Lightness Linen Platform Bed


Linen platform bed – They are the ideal garment for our bedroom this season, its freshness and lightness are perfect for the warm seasons and its texture is great to give any decoration a nice touch and casual. When summer arrives we look for fresh and light clothes for our closet. We flee from anything that gives us even more heat than necessary and we hide all the winter clothes to not see it in a long time. And if we change our whole closet, why do not we do the same with household textiles? In the bedroom the same thing happens, the Norse quilts, the thick woolen blankets or the ones of hair give way to the bed clothes fresher and lighter.

Flax is undoubtedly the most suitable fabric for the warmest months of the year for many reasons. Besides its freshness and lightness, it is one of the textiles with more quality and resistance of the existing ones, almost twice that the cotton. Originally its fiber has a crude color, but when processed it is possible to bleach it or dye it in any of the trend colors of each season. The linen platform bed garments in white or raw have been part of the history of fashion and decoration of bedrooms, but at present we can find bedding in all colors and prints possible.

The most demanded colors for linen sheets are white and gray, but it is more common to see linen sheets, pillows or cushions in a greater range of colors such as pink, green and even black. The Nordic decoration is to blame for the linen has returned to the front of the design in bedding. Linen covers, linen sheets and cushions are the most sought after by lovers of decoration. There is no bed that boasts that you do not cry out for linen platform bed textiles. Its freshness and softness make it indispensable to pass the high temperatures of these months. Do you already have your linen bed linen?

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