Favorite Color for Platform Beds with Storage


In this book of ideas, we present you designs of rooms with platform beds with storage, so you can store everything you want. The advantage of the trundle beds with drawers is that they take advantage of the space between the base and the floor with drawers. Colors are a very important factor for the decoration of any room, especially for children. The previous design had two colors, here, if you notice; a color also stands out in two different tones. Blue, being the favorite color for the little ones, is taken as the basis for decoration. We have the blue for the contour of the furniture and the lighter one, for the rest. The trundle bed with drawers has a white color for the railing, this in order not to saturate the whole room with blue.

Another design for platform beds with storage is, a more feminine design, even for girls of 13 years. We can see two colors in the room, pink in textiles and coffee in furniture, walls and floors. It is observed that nest bed with drawers, has another bed, without forgetting the drawers. It is like the previous design but, the base is built by the same material as the bed, wood. The colors play an important role for the decoration of the room. It is recommended to use light tones and a single range so as not to saturate the room.

The platform beds with storage are ideal for small bedrooms, with little space and no furniture. That is, we can think of a room with a bed, a closet and a dresser. Maybe in the closet do not enter some things, such as underwear, for example. The trundle beds with drawers are designed to take advantage of the space. Let’s say, they look like double beds with drawers but in this case they are, trundle beds with drawers.


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