Fabric Platform Bed Frame


Here are some interesting things you can look for when shopping for a fabric platform bed frame. Not all of these options may be what you need or looking for but perhaps they’ll give you some ideas of what you can do with a platform bed frame. Some platform bed frames are available in extra long bed sizes. These beds will give you options to make them longer than a standard twin or full size bed. Specifically these beds are called twin extra long beds (39″ x 80″) or also in full extra long bed sizes (54″ x 80″). Extra long beds offer greater length and do well in helping to keep down size in smaller rooms.

Another interesting thing you’ll find in fabric platform bed frames is that many manufacturers are trying to be greener in their choices. Many platform beds can be made to accommodate a mattress/box spring combo. This may seem strange since platform bed frames are made for just a mattress but there are many individuals who like the idea of the built in foundation of a platform bed but want to use it with a mattress/box spring combo. Some platform beds can be modified to accept a box spring. Others come with various settings which also include a box spring option.

When you think fabric platform bed you might think of drawers under a solid top. With some beds this is true but many platform bed frames are traditionally styles designs and even modern designs with interesting and innovative features. These beds may include lift up storage systems or under bed storage at the foot of the bed. Attached lamps can also be found on some models providing a use for late night reading or typing on your lap top in bed. Platform bed frames are available in many different ways and aren’t limited to just the look of the frame. Design features help make some platform beds unique. Extra long beds are also available giving you a greater selection in the way of platform bed frames.

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