Exclusive Black King Platform Bed Color


You will find simple home black king platform bed to build if you know how to measure and cut wood. You will also need to know how to drill pilot holes and to insert and countersunk screws so you can attach the boards together tightly. Basically you will build a large box that will stand face down so that your mattress can be on top of the platform. If you build a full-size platform bed with a 4-inch border around the perimeter, start with two wooden boards measuring 75 inches long by the sides of your home-made bed, as hardwood five boards’ measures 58 inches long to support the top and bottom of the frame and the center of your bed.

Often, you can buy a set of matching sheets with the duvet. However, if you like adventure, you can choose your own sheets. Having sheets of color or shaded lighter than your duvet, creates an atmosphere of excellent contrast in the black king platform bed that make it stand out. If the duvet is thin enough, fold it over the top to show it. Get colored sheets similar to your quilt, but stripes, checkered, stitches … or another design with beige, gray or white.

To give that finishing touch, opt for a foulard, if time requires, on the bottom of a black king platform bed to accentuate the other colors of the rest of the bedding. Fold the foulard along so it hangs by the sides of the platform bed or base. Choose a color that is darker or lighter than your quilt. On many occasions, a white, black or red foulard looks great on a platform bed or base. This action will give a modern touch to the decoration of your room and will be very useful on cooler nights as a coat.


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