Earliest Mid Century Platform Bed


Mid century platform bed – Super modern and jovial, mid century platform bed is a type of furniture that changes the decor of the room in a magic pass. For those who do not yet know, it is a simple wooden base on which is placed the mattress, which is fully exposed. Normally the platform bed is very low, creating the sensation of being sleeping on the floor, which confers a super sensual atmosphere to the environment. But that is not a rule. You do not like very low beds? You can opt for a higher platform and still enjoy the bottom to place drawers or storage niches, optimizing the room space.

Aside from being a smart solution, it is super charming. Or, you can choose a very thick mattress to better balance the height. Another very interesting idea is to illuminate the bottom of the bed. Creating a very intimate environment with indirect light. Perfect for nights of lots of passion. Platform style beds have become more popular in western society for the last decade. A platform bed, also known as a cabin bed. Some of the earliest existing mid century platform bed were created by the early Egyptians. Who created a wooden frame, glued and anchored together, which have been found in many burial digging graves.

For example, in King Tutankhamen’s grave gilded ebony platform-style bed was found. Studies of the old hieroglyph s indicate that platform beds were honored in Egyptian culture. While ordinary people slept on simpler designs. That the trend developed decorates the woody mid century platform bed surface with gilding and paint. And also to use carving to enhance the beauty of this utilitarian object. Ivory, exotic woods and metal were used as posts or even as the whole foot of the best constructions, bringing artistic design into a common object.

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