DIY Rustic Wood Platform Bed Headboard


Rustic wood platform bed – My daughter needed a headboard for the full-size bed so I decided to make one of the platforms. The objective was to cycle up a common dais without it as to nailed together a pair of paddles. I included the video of me making the headboard in the final stage. I designed the header that he did first in Sketch Up. I was able to find a large oak platform that must have been used for some heavy equipment. The construction of this headboard is quite simple.

The rustic wood platform bed frame for this bed would be 48 inches tall and 54 inches wide. Again, this is for a full-size mattress but you can easily adjust the dimensions to fit any size mattress. Before overtaking we have some pallets broken. I found some very nice platforms that had more beams and slats that were in quite a good condition. Keep in mind this was my first attempt at a platform project so there was a small learning curve to disarm them without making a complete mess and destroying the wood. Lest beginning with the long wide pieces to build the frame.

The next step was to cut a 27 x 54-inch piece of plywood half an inch to act as a backing to be able to glue and nail the slats too. Now is the time to start ripping the ribbons. To begin to trace the pattern find and then mark the center of the header and also mark a V of 90 degrees. The final step of the construction is to measure two 45 inch side panels to frame the headboard. To finish the rustic wood platform bed headboard I used two layers of water based on polyurethane and sandpaper smoothly between each layer and layer.


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