DIY Rustic Platform Bed Frame


Rustic platform bed frame – A platform bed made of log posts is a perfect match for hunting lodges or similar stains. The poles produce a rustic look that gives atmosphere, and the platform design is one of the easiest to put together. Set two to three hours for each bed you want to build. Lay two of the longer log poles parallel to each other in the position where you want the finished bed to be. Lay two of the shorter stock posts perpendicular, with their grooves hedging with the slots in the longer poles. This process will remind a part of playing with Lincoln Log toys.

Drive a 3-inch nail into each visible hack, hammer the nail down through both poles to hold them in place. Place two long bars above the existing posts. Nail them in place as you did in step two. Lay two short posts above the existing short posts. Nail in place. Repeat steps three and four to add a third layer of posts. Set the plywood disc in place so that it rests on the ridges in the narrow rustic platform bed frame. Depending on the exact diameter of the poles they often vary you may have to cut a basic score in the peaks of the poles. Use your chainsaw for this.

Nail plywood in place using a row of five evenly spaced 1-inch nails along each long side plywood. Run the nails through the plywood and into the log below. This will serve as a platform for your mattress. Repeat steps three and four one last time each, add another log to your frame. Put your mattress in place and enjoy your rustic platform bed frame. Then tips and warnings for you of this project, these specifications are a twin mattress. Increase wood size build for a full-size mattress. Do not use these plans for king or queen mattresses, as they require central support that this design lacks.


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