DIY Platform Beds Ideas


DIY platform beds – You may want to convert your traditional bed to a platform bed for any of several reasons. You can sleep on an older mattress that tends to sag, or using a mattress that lacks internal structure. You can simply prefer firmer sleeping surface that comes with using a platform frame. Whatever your reason, this type of conversion is one of the simplest do-it-yourself tasks you can touch. Set an hour for this project, beginning to end.


Fit your traditional bed frame, leave the mattress off. Measure the dimensions inside the frame, which is the distance between the inner surfaces of the rail where your mattress is located. Even mattress sizes are standard, individual mattresses can vary by several inches in width and length – especially older mattresses. Cut the plywood to fit the dimensions you measured. The queen and larger mattresses may require two slices of plywood that you should cut so they drive the width – not the length – in the DIY platform beds. Plywood is the cheapest option, but you can use panels of pine or other wood if you prefer the appearance and smell.

Sand one side of your plywood boards properly. Skipping this step risks getting sticks and dryers in your mattress. Put the plywood in place; slip the side up, in your DIY platform beds. The platforms should live in the rails just like your mattress did normally. Place your mattress on top of the plywood. Test it to see if the plywood glides around; this will only be a problem with bed frames that lack a “lip” to hold the mattress in place. Anchor plywood to the rails present – and only if – you found it necessary after step six. Run a screw through each corner of your plywood boards and in the sketch below. Use metal screws for a metal frame and wood screw for a wooden frame. Run the screws deep enough to sink the bosses even with the surface of your plywood.


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