DIY Platform Bed with Storage Ideas


DIY platform bed with storage is easy to do and can provide an opportunity for you to add additional storage to your home. The platform bed itself can often be made for quite a bit of money, so you can use your leftover money to create storage that suits your individual needs.

Platform Beds with drawer Storage

The boxes are a popular option for DIY platform bed with storage because they are relatively easy to install. You must have measurements of where your box fits, be sure to remove about 1 inch in both width and length to make sure the box fits into the space. Size and shape may vary depending on your individual design. Most drawers are made using different sizes of plywood. For example, in most drawers, the front and rear panels are the thickest, while the two side panels are slightly thinner.

Building DIY platform bed with storage use less wood and the shelves are as versatile as you can store almost anything from books to clothes, ornaments and more. Once you have constructed the box for your shelves to rest in, measure to point the holes to keep shelf support. Measurement is the key to ensuring that the shelves are as flat as possible. The shelf itself can be made from a flat piece of wood such as chipboard or the like. Cut your shelf down to size to rest on the sticks. The cabinet itself can be constructed in the same way as the box for the shelf. You can also install prefabricated extracts boxes for storage or designing your own. Cabinet doors are also easy to do or you can also buy ready-made cabinets. Your cabinet door can be installed in a variety of ways. Most doors are installed to open by turning left or right. But you can also purchase hardware that allows you to open the door up or down.


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