DIY Canopy Platform Bed with Chopsticks


Canopy Platform Bed – A canopy of transparent curtains makes a bed feel calm and quiet, often helping in deeper and more nutritious dozing. Turn a normal bed frame with messages on a four-poster bed with nothing but natural sticks and strings found. The organic qualities of the sticks will give the four-poster bed a rustic charm. Robust wire ties at the intersections of the sticks will add to the rough look, while also eliminating the need for complicated hardware or tools.

Find four branches or sticks long enough to reach the desired height of the deck. Find two sticks that measure a few centimeters longer than the length of the canopy platform bed. Find eight to 12 sticks that measure a few centimeters wider than the bed. Use only sticks that show no signs of decay or damage. Peel the bark off the sticks and leave them in a warm and dry place until the wood dries. Soak a long strand, unraveled yarn in the water for several minutes.

Tie the four longest branches to the bed frame corner posts. Tie wire around the branches and posts at several points to ensure a strong connection. Use at least 12-inch lengths of yarn, wrap them repeatedly well and securely with knots. Once dry, the loops of yarn will tighten even more. Create side rails for the canopy. Orient the sticks that are as long as the bed in a horizontal position, towards the top of the post sticks. Tie the sticks together. Wrap wire lengths around the four corners of the intersections and fix them with knots.

Add 5 cross rails across the width of the bed, perpendicular to and at the top of the side rails, using the remaining sticks. Tie transverse rails in equal increments from head to feet of the cup, as well as train tracks. Drape clear curtains, nets or other light fabric over top and sides of canopy platform bed rails.


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