DIY Building of a King Upholstered Platform Bed


Building your own extra-large bed platform gives you the opportunity to use your imagination and creativity. You can build and finish a simple base king upholstered platform bed with a headboard and foot, or even make a base for a four-poster bed. These instructions are based on a mattress that does not need a box spring. If your mattress needs a box spring, take the height into account.

Build the platform on which the mattress will rest in much the same way as the base, with a few exceptions. First, the platform itself will be larger than the mattress. You can decide how much platform you want to display around the perimeter of the mattress. Secondly, construct the 2-by-4 wooden platform. Use more transverse supports for blocking. Again, make sure that the platform you are constructing is completely level and perfectly square, and countersink the screw heads. Place the platform at the top of the base, precisely centered. Place the king upholstered platform bed to the base using screws and drill pilot holes again. Attach medium density fiber (MDF) to the top of the platform to cover it.

Sand the plastic debris that could damage your mattress or sheets. Finish the bed frame as desired with paint or stain. Attach a headboard or footboard as desired, or leave the plot as is. For a four-poster bed, attach posters to the four corners of the bed; then you can finish the top as desired, with or without a canopy. Other options include making the platform the same size as the mattress and that includes high sides to enclose the mattress. If you do not want a platform, create a base of the size of the mattress and finish the top with the MDF. If you have enough woodworking skills, you can install drawers in the base for additional storage of your king upholstered platform bed.

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