Decorate Platform Sleigh Bed


Platform sleigh bed curved lines and permanent construction provide a classic feature to bedroom furnishings. Even neutral color schemes work well in the bedroom to give a sense of silence, a lighter palette of colors from nature such as jade, red, blue or sunflower oil give a counterweight to the platforms sleigh bed. Wall Street Journal’s website proposes using a group of related colors to decorate a sleigh bed, such as pink. Decorate the platforms sleigh bed to make it an oasis of comfort and luxurious color.

Schedule the color scheme for the platform sleigh bed. Dressing the bed in two to three colors will add interest and provide an attractive contrast to its platforms color. Choose a box spring cover in a color that fits sheets or in a lace pattern to lighten up the size and solidity of the platforms sleigh bed. Choose lace or translucent bed cover for a soft effect this also contributes to the bed platforms sleigh to appear smaller and more open, rather than a solid mass in the room. To hide storage under the bed with a translucent bed cap, choose a rugged style.

Buy sheets and pillow Shams on medium shades you choose to decorate platforms sleigh bed. Invest in a console cover in the dark shade of your chosen color. For variety, choose a reversible console or cover with a coordinated color print on one side. Pick out some accent pads to match, like pillow neck roll, or two pillows around repeat the platform sleigh bed. Add fantasies to the platforms sleigh bed by placing an artificial grape or serial clutch of the side flowers over the bedside table. Stop the ends behind the bedside table and adjust the thread so that it is at the top.


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