Custom Platform Bed With Storage Diy


Platform Bed With Storage Diy – We want to get the most out of the space. We have a small floor, but we do not want to give up the comfort of having a fixed bed that we do not have to pick up every morning. We also do not want a bed that is too high, what we call a loft bed and whose advantages and disadvantages we recently illustrated. Given so many demands, what is the most appropriate proposal for us? Raise the bed slightly and use the lower space as storage, no doubt. Today there are beds with fantastic storage options, however, a raised platform can offer us something more.

A raised platform bed with storage diy can provide us with a large extra storage space, as much space as we have meters. This proposal allows us to play with the proportions, taking advantage of the whole width of the room or part of it and the height that we consider convenient. It is a proposal that allows us to personalize the space. Not only allows us to enjoy large storage area, but can help us define areas well when the bedroom and living room are force to share space, or when we want to create two spaces in the bedroom. The platform does not have to be limited to the size of the bed, we can leave enough space for a table and even for a small closet or shelf.

Its design must adapt to both our needs and the particularities of space. It is a proposal that works very well both in children’s bedrooms and youth to separate rest area and playground or study. But it can also work very well in small single-room apartments and lofts. Look at the first ideas, do not you think a good way to organize the space? In front of the beds with pre-designed u, this proposal has two advantages. From the first, the personalization we have already talked about; of the second, the economic, not yet.

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