Custom Black Queen Platform Bed


Black Queen Platform Bed – Building a platform bed consists of little more than making a box model with struts in the middle and placing a solid piece on top. Queen size mattresses measure approximately 60 inches wide by 80 inches long. The platform should be able to hold those dimensions approximately 2 inches along the sides and at the foot of the bed to account for differences in manufacturers’ sizes. You can spend a lot of money on a frame for your queen mattress in some cases more than $ 1,000. An alternative is to build your own simple platform framework.

This model costs less and adds a simple clean-lined feel to the room where it is installed. If you want something more elaborate, you can use the black queen platform bed model to base it and add messages, headers and other accents from there. Place a 60-inch plank on the floor. Measure 1 inch from the edge and with a pencil place a mark, repeat the mark on the other end of the board. Do the same with the other two 60-inch planks. Draw a straight line on the marks at the ends of the planks, with a level or a carpenter’s square. Cut the wood to specified lengths. Sand with coarse sandpaper. Arrange two long and short beams in both beams a rectangular frame.

The ends of the long beams should about the inner faces of the short beams. Screw into place with two screws per corner black queen platform bed. Set the third long rods inside the rectangular, parallel, and center frame between the two long outer beams. Screw it in place as it did the corners of the frame. Place the two sheets of plywood on the top of the frame so that they form a rectangle that matches the rectangle of the frame. Screw the blades in place with a screw by the corner and a screw in the midpoint of each edge. Sand all exposed wood with fine-grained sandpaper.


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