Creative Platform Bed Frame with Drawers


Platform bed frame with drawers – How to store all items when the house does not have much area? The smart ideas below will give you answers. In the bedroom, you cannot put all the furniture on the surface, both glitzy and lacking space for other activities. The solution is to “hide”, but hide where? Bedroom furniture needs to feel peaceful and relaxing, so using the storage cabinets, shelves needed to eliminate the messy things that cause general loss. Most of us choose a shelf drawer system that combines neatly with a traditional wardrobe, but that’s not the most creative solution. Skillful ideas can both save space, store reasonably functional but still create beautiful aesthetic.

Here is a consistent platform bed frame with drawers system, consistent with the sleeping space of a teenager. In a relatively compact space, the storage cabinets open the wing and the corner cabinets take full advantage of the area. Respect the presence of space, pushing fresh colors to create more energy for each actual sleeping space. Bedside and under bed are two locations preferred by interior designers to save space. Design award standing next to the wall to store: books, bedside lights, small tree decoration, pictures, just help beautiful space and save space.

Rather than exploiting the space above the walls, you have an area of ​​empty beds that can be used. Create platform bed frame with drawers idea is really effective for rooms with high ceilings. Use the bed under drawers under the bed to store clothes, shoes, blankets or other little furniture. The most versatile bed styles, many models in the market. Built-in shelves for bed, bed and drawer under the bed.  Bedroom furniture also can be creative with nice details. A simple wooden box-shaped tab will create a useful drawer for your books. An idea is appreciated.

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