Creative Loft Platform Bed for Small Houses and Apartments


Loft platform bed – The houses and apartments tend to be increasingly smaller; in fact, we see how loft- type models are becoming more prevalent, in which all functions of the house are developed in a single space. When you live in a small space you have to make the most of every square meter; it forces you to be creative and to sharpen your wits. The furniture plays a very important role as it has to be practical and versatile, which can perform several different functions. Fortunately, every day there are more unique pieces of furniture that make living in small spaces more a joy than a suffering.

In this article I show you the most innovative solutions that will help you maximize your living space. These systems are increasingly developed. Basically, they allow you to vacate the space of the loft platform bed during the time when you are not using it, gaining a useful space to be able to have other furniture. The design of the legs of some models makes it not necessary to remove the furniture when the bed is deployed. There are systems that raise the bed with an electric motor as an alternative to manual hoisting.

An ingenious option is this bedroom integrated into a piece of furniture. The bed area separates from the rest of the room with wooden slats that provide privacy. Another option to take advantage of space is to make a piece of furniture with a storage space and drawers and place the bed there. If your space is very small, you work until late hours or you feel like taking a nap during work, you have desks that, with a couple of movements, become a comfortable medium size bed. Some designs are perfectly integrated into the rest of the office furniture, making the loft platform bed that goes completely unnoticed.


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