Create Cozy Diy Twin Platform Bed


Diy twin platform bed are typically found in tiny flats, rooms and children’s rooms. In all these rooms is a bit of creativity and a lot of storage always welcome. Then rethink the bed frame and turn it from a wasted chance to a smart design statement or an extra chest of drawers. A little effort to do it yourself or some knowledgeable shopping is all it takes. Treat single beds as a daybed and hide the frame with pillows and a smooth bed linen bed skirt. Use razors, European square pillows, plain bed pillows, round and triangular pillows. Cover them in mixed fabrics. Instead of a bulletin board over the bed hangs framed art or a colorful vintage poster that coordinates with bedding.

The bed skirt and wall art create a visual tableau rather than a simple view of a bed. Put a twin mattress on a diy twin platform bed that will provide storage, either with drawers or an elevator-up panel under the mattress. Then make a headboard from a plate of plywood clad with a photo mural on canvas. Photo paintings are just expanded photo canvas, easy to order at photo stores or online. The wall painting can be mounted on the wall or to the bed platform. This is a great way to let a teen dictate decor. Photo choices drive colors for the rest of the linens, walls and blankets. You can even do a couple of runner-up pictures for pillow shams.

For a shared room, build or buy bed frames that line up to the end. Drawers under bed frames provide storage and a closet along the opposite wall holds more toys and clothes leaving the center of the floor as clear play area. If the room is not long enough for traditional diy twin platform bed, build shorter beds for toddlers and use blocks of cut foam for the mattresses.

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