Cool Platform Beds with More Space Saver


Cool platform beds – Beds with drawers optimize space in a simple way. Nowadays, when the square meters are pressed, the saving of the space facilitates clear environments. Especially in the bedroom of children and teenagers, but also in the adults’ room. A traditional furniture such as the bed with drawers never goes out of fashion, on the contrary, it is renewed in tune with the new trends, new textures and new needs of homes.  in the adults’ room, a large bed with drawers allows to relieve the closet of items such as towels, sheets and blankets. So the system of incorporating drawers to the beds, in addition to traditional, is adaptable to large, medium and small beds, being an advantage for the whole family.

The new proposals in design of children’s bedrooms suggest increasingly playful furniture, more plastics and, in turn, more space saving and their use. a shared children’s bedroom acquires a unique imprint with the installation of a wooden platform where to place the mattresses. Cool platform beds also fulfill the function of storage space, thanks to the drawers placed in the bottom of the same. Even if the adults bedroom is spacious, the space saving allows the incorporation of other furniture to relax and enjoy.

Comfort also means being able to move around the room without obstacles or obstacles, while having things at hand when you need them. The double beds with drawers do not lose even a touch of elegance, as we can see in this bedroom where a trunk was added to the tone with the bed to decorate and at the same time continue with the optimizing impulse. The cool platform beds allow more spacious drawers. This is a very advantageous option when the bedroom is small or when you do not want to fill the space with furniture.


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