Charm of Low Platform Bed


The low platform bed are those kinds of solutions that become fashionable and that begin to enter forcefully in the world of the decoration ; and is that who has not dreamed of having one of these wonders. The low platform bedroom provide a really interesting air in our bedroom. We can say that they create distinguished spaces, with some luxury but throwing great oriental and even modern notes to our room; and it is that these low beds, with their platform at ground level, find their origin in the traditional beds that are used in Asian countries, the typical beds with base of futon that so much like the orientales.

While it is true that stylistic power is important, we can not deny that this type of bed has other advantages such as the power to relieve the load of furniture in the bedroom. That is, being lower than normal, they expand the visual field by subtracting volume from the set. This translates into much larger stays, if only an illusion. Mind you, this does not mean that we can use them in small bedrooms without problem; and is that in this type of reduced stays, low platform bed, will probably cause some disproportion in the dimensions.

This type of furniture makes the light fill the rooms much more; and is that being low will go a little more unnoticed, something that again increases the space creating elegant lines. Are there any disadvantages for these types of beds? Well, the truth is that although we cannot say that they are huge disadvantages, there are some points to take into account. For starters, bedding daily can be much more uncomfortable, because just, and worth the redundancy, the bed is more “low” than normal. Finally, we must bear in mind that low platform bed may not be suitable for seniors or persons with reduced mobility; and is that getting up from this type of surfaces is not as comfortable or ergonomic as doing it in a bed of normal size and height.


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