Building Platform Bed Designs


Platform bed designs are economical, space saving and are adaptable for almost all sleeping arrangements. Building plans for platform beds can be designed with drawers underneath for storage or with a simple platform to incorporate into a minimalist space. Platform beds can fit into a variety of room designs and are great for children’s rooms or for use with adults.

Build Plans for Simple Platform Beds

Simplified platform bed designs are easy to build and have an elegant, minimalist design. The base of the bed consists of a simple rectangular frame of four pieces of wood connected to each other at the corners. Inside this frame is a group of wooden pieces, split and put together to add support to the frame. The platform is then placed on top and joined with brackets and casting with a mattress on top.

Platform Bed Plans with Storage

To make a platform bed designs with storage below requires cutting the rectangular frame in the middle, in length and doing it in two frames. By doing this, you add extra support to the middle of the bed without the use of the X-shaped boards mine. Put these two frames together to form the base of the bed. Along the outer edges of the frame, two holes can be cut on each side and a wooden door can be made, just bigger than the hole, and then attached with hinges to cover the holes. This creates under-bed storage space that is accessible through the doors.

Platform Beds with drawers

Building a platform bed designs with drawers below is a little more complicated, but just because it requires the boxes and measures them carefully to make sure they will fit. When you make a bed like this, start with a split frame structure and cut the two holes along the sides, but instead of attaching a hinged door, you will make boxes to slide in the holes. To hold the back of the box from tipping onto the floor, two small blocks attach to the very back and bottom of the drawers, the same height as the bottom of the hole.

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