Building King Size Platform Bed with Drawers


King size platform bed with drawers – The space under full and double-size platform beds accounts for more than 25 square feet of storage space. A set of drawers under the platform support in your bed you cannot only take advantage of that space, but to organize it in a way simply filling your garbage under cannot. Set an afternoon for this project.


Collect a 5 1/2 with 24 plywood board and a 5 1/2 with 33 plywood board. Put them together in one L, with the end of 24-inch sheets against the inside of the 33-inch sheet. Glue them together, then reinforce with three evenly distributed finishing nails. Repeat step 1 with the other 5 1/2 with 24 and 5 1/2 of 33 plywood discs, which form another L. Include L’s together to form a rectangle king size platform bed with drawers. Glue and nail both open corners as you did in L’s. Set 25 through 33 plywood slabs on top of the rectangular frame. Glue in place. Reinforce with a nail per corner and two evenly distributed nails along each side.

Wait until the glue for all seams in the box has dried. If you build more boxes, use this time to build the next one. Attach the drawer to the center of a 33-inch side of the drawer that you have designed. Do this according to the instructions that came with the pull. Generally speaking, it is about screwing it in place. Slide the finished box into one of the gaps between the two with 6 beams that support the king size platform bed with drawers. Build additional boxes as needed. This design will accommodate three drawers if one side of the bed is against a wall. It will accommodate six boxes if both sides are exposed.

Tips and warnings

It is possible to add a bottom plate to your drawer storage space, or even tracked and wheeled box hardware. However, this project creates good storage boxes for a fraction of the time the more advanced boxes would take.

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