Building Flat Platform Bed Frame


Flat platform bed frame – Making a wood flake is a simple project that you can fill with building materials, some tools and limited building skills. Flat platform beds are often found in Asian design styles, but you can build your flatbed to suit any room interior. Material selection and finishing determine the appearance of your wooden platform bed; messy pines work for a rural style bedroom, or you can paint the flat bed frame white to fit a shabby chic room. You can find all the building materials listed for this flat bed at your local home improvement store.


Measure your bed mattress to determine the size of your flat platform bed frame. You can build the bed frame to fit your mattress exactly, or you can build it with space on both sides for built-in bench seats. Cut a 3/4 inch thick plywood panel to fit the dimensions of your flat bed. For example, to build a full-size flat platform bed with a 2-inch overhang around the perimeter, cut your plywood board 56 inches by 77 inches. Iron on veneer edges around the perimeter of your clip plywood panel according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This will give your flat wooden bed a more beautiful look.

Cut two 8-inch-wide-by-2-inch-thick deciduous planks to match the length of your plywood panel. Cut two 8-inch-wide-by-2-inch-thick deciduous planks to fit the width of your plywood panel. These are the head and foot of your flat platform bed frame. Cut three 8-inch-wide-by-2-inch-thick deciduous planks to fit the width of your plywood panel, minus 4 inches. These three will be center supports for the frame. You decrease the length of my supports 4 inches to answer the thickness of the boards that create the frame.

Load an L bracket on both ends of both planks to fit the length of your flat bed. These planks become the sides of your frame. Place the bracket in the middle of the end, as well as the edge. Select the places where you will place the screws and first drill guide holes so that it is easier to insert the screws. Secure the brackets with a wooden screw. Attach head and foot planks to L parentheses on the length planks to create areas outside your apartment bed frame. Remember to drill control holes.

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