Building a Platform Bed Frame


Building a platform bed – Platform beds are rugged, simple bed frames that are typically low to the ground. They appear in many Asian style bedrooms and are especially suitable for use with futon mattresses. Commercially available platform bed frames can cost a pretty penny. So doing your own is not only good for your pocket. But has the benefit of being completely customizable. You do not have to be a technical sore to make a platform bed frame. If you know how to drill a hole and bolt things together, you’re good at going.

Building a platform bed is very easy. That project can help make extra sleeping space affordable and easy. Here’s a quick how to guide to building a simple platform bed. One, adjust the 75-inch planks around 13 inches apart, resting vertically on their 2-inch side. About the 40-inch shelves on each end of 75-inch planks. So the ends are flush and everything is at right angles. Two, bump the boards together so that there are two bolts at the end of each 75-inch plank. 6 bolt in each 40-inch plank so12 bolts in total. This is the frame of the platform bed.

Three, lay two slats on each end of the frame, with 3/4 of an inch overhanging frame end. Make sure they are centered on the frame. It should be around 7 1/2 inches of overhang on both sides. Bump these boards into place, 1 bolt per frame plank, which are 3 bolts in each slat. Four, Lay out the remaining slats, about 1/2-inch apart. Then bolt them down the same way you bolted down the first two. The building a platform bed frame is now complete. Remember: Paints and varnishes as desired. This is a standard double bed size platform bed. Adjust the measurements of the planks and slats according to the size bed you need.


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