Build Metal Platform Beds Twin from Metal Bed Frame


Metal platform beds – When crafting a double bed from a metal frame, use the platform on top of the frame. The frame adds additional support, while the platform raises the height of the mattress. Meanwhile, here is the instruction to build metal platform beds twin from metal bed frame. Firstly, make the platform from two boards measuring 39 inches by 10 inches by 1 inch. And two boards measuring 75 inches by 10 inches by 1 inch. Lay the slices in a rectangular shape, making a large box. The sides measure 75 inches. The upper and lower measures 39 inches and the box should be 10 inches tall.

Apply threading to the edges of each board and push together the boards. Attach wooden clips to the edges of each board. The clamps firmly hold the pieces together until the wood wipes. Wipe with a damp cloth over the edges, only to remove any leaking glue.  Place a 1½ inch wood screw on a corner where two boards meet. Zinc two screws in the wood. Work around the platform the box drops two screws in each corner. The combination of screws and glue holds the platform together. Next, arrange ten 39-by-2-by-2-inch wood slabs over the top of the platform. Even space boards over the metal platform beds.

Each board should be aligned with the edges of the platform. Sink two wooden screws at the end of each board; tighten the screws on the metal platform beds. Drill holes through metal bed frames. Space the holes over each side, making a hole every 2 inches. Turn the platform frame upside down. So that the support side touches the floor and place the metal frames on top. Attach wooden screws through each hole in metal bed frame. Tighten the screws until each level with the metal. The screws hold the bed frame to the platform. Turn the bed upside down and put the mattress on top of the platform.


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