Build a Platform Bed Instruction


Build a platform bed – To build a platform bed, let’s starting with measure your mattress. Standard US sizes are: California King – 72-by-84 inches, King – 76-by-80 inches, Queen – 60-by-80 inches, Full – 54-by-75 inches and Twin – 39-by-75 inches. When applying this article, a queen size mattress is used for platform bed. Second, cut two 2-of-6 boards to 58 inches long. Cut two boards to 81 inches long. Slip all edges to unevenness. Measure 1 inch on the inside of the boards and mark with a pencil. Cut two 2-by-two boards to 58 inches long and two to 75 inches long. Straight top of 58-inch table to top of pencil line on 58-inch, two-by-6 board. Pre-drill and screw together using 2 1/2 “screws.

Center 75-inch tables on 81-inch, two-by-6 tables, align to the top of the pencil. Again, pre-drill and screw together. Continue the project of build a platform bed by place the plates in a rectangle, tie the pieces together in the corners and carefully match the tops. The 58-inch plates fit into 81-inch plates. Pre-drill two holes in the sides of 81-inch plates and insert the ends of 58-inch plates, 1 1/2 inches from the top and bottom. Use the screws to screw the frame together. Cut plywood to 29-by-78 inches. Lie next to each other inside the top of the frame. Pre-drill and screw down to two-by-two boards, using a 1/2 inch screws.

Cut the remaining 2-by-6-inch plates, two in 58 inches and two at 78 inches. Load a rectangle with 58-inch plates inside 78-inch sides, peaks aligned and ends the rod together. Pre-drill and screw together, using the sleeve screws. Screw an “L” bracket into each corner, using a 1/2 inch tire screws. Uneven edges with sandpaper. Place smaller rectangle in position in the bedroom, two inches from the wall. With a helper, lift the top of the platform bed on the base, with the inner two-for-2 supports resting on top of the two-by-6 base. Last, place the mattress on the platform and make the bed. And the project of build a platform bed was done.


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