Bohemian Platform Bed Ideas


Bohemian platform bed can give your bedroom a stylish, modern look. It eliminates extra such as bedside boards and footboards to simplify the design and make you’re bedding the focus of your room. Given how easy it is, a pre-made platform bed can cost a surprising amount. Fortunately, you can build your own with only standard home carpentry tools. Leave an afternoon for this project, which is well within the ability of one’s inexperienced woodworker.


Bohemian platform bed with set a 67-inch beam and a 50-inch beam together in an L-shape. The end of the longer 67-inch beam should lie against the inside of the shorter 50-inch beam. Screw them together using four evenly spaced wooden screws. Repeat step one to build a second L shape using the remaining 50-inch beam and one of the remaining 67-inch beams. Put the two L-shapes together to form a rectangular frame. Screw the two open corners together as you did the corners of the L-shaped.

Slide the remaining 67-inch beam into the bohemian platform bed, parallel to and as far from the other two long beams. Screw it into 50-inch beams with four wooden screws per connection. This intervening bed prevents the bed from hanging down. Place the plywood board on top of the frame, with each edge patching the frame by five inches. Screw it in place with a wooden screw for each corner of the frame. Reinforce with two evenly distributed screws along each side of the frame. Sand all visible surfaces of the bed frame. Managing the completed frame to where you want it in your bedroom. Add queen mattress.

Tips and warnings

It can be difficult to find plywood cut to 60 inches by 80 inches. If so, in your area, you can use two sheets cut to 30 of 80, or 40 out of 60.


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