Best Upholstered Platform Bed with Storage


Upholstered platform bed with storage – Originally, platform beds were beds that were built higher up from the ground to allow for more living space below. Nowadays, however, the beds have moved closer to the ground, almost the same height as conventional beds, and are built to support only one mattress. Platform beds can vary widely in materials used; these can be made of wood or metal. You can also add a gable to your wishes. Platform beds do not require a drawer in the spring to support the mattress, although the spring box can be adjusted if necessary.

There are many types of platform beds, such as contemporary, traditional and transient, Japanese or Asian influences, and storage platform beds. Upholstered platform bed with storage is, as the name indicates, beds that can be used for storage, too. These platform beds have lockers or drawers under the frame as storage. In some cases the gable or footboard of the platform bed can also be used for storing small objects.

Ideas for make upholstered platform bed with storage are with take measurements. The first and perhaps the most crucial step are to measure your bed. You must measure the bed exactly, leaving no space by mistake, otherwise the following steps will be completely unusable, and you will waste time and money. Make sure you measure all sides of the bed: take the width, length and height of the bed. Buy unfinished cubbies and box support kit. Assuming your platform bed has an open space under the bed frame, you can buy a kit drawer support and unfinished cubbies that can hold the drawers. This kit should have both drawers and slots included. If it does not, then buy them separately. Make sure you buy the box runner and track according to the dimensions you took so fit with storage space.


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