Beautiful Italian Platform Bed


The bedroom is the most intimate space of our house, it is our sanctuary and as such there is no doubt that we want it to look as nice as possible even if it is only us who admire it. While there are different styles and designs of bedrooms, the truth is that a good bed is vital to achieve a good rest. Today we present bright ideas that conjugate a beautiful italian platform bed with a unique style of room, decorative solutions that will transform the aesthetics of your bedroom and surely you will not want to leave it.

A bed with suspended effect is a great way to add a touch of originality to the bedroom, and it cannot be denied that this design resembles a dream state that allows letting the imagination fly and feel resting in the middle of an island. Who would not want to sleep like that? Creating a capsule for the italian platform bed area is a great idea for studio apartments or loft apartments where privacy often gets lost between the built-in spaces. The sliding doors are ideal because they do not occupy place and we can even choose a frosted glass that helps to maintain the sensation of an open and illuminated space.

To achieve an elegant italian platform bed do not need many elements, but make a conscious choice. In this case, the headboard adds a lot of style to this bed and along with the pastel tones creates a feeling of comfort that floods the room. For those who are looking for a sustainable way of life, a recycled bed can be a great idea. The famous pallets have the advantage of being able to become almost any furniture, but when it comes to the bed it is best that we do not need much work since only having them on the floor we have the best basis for the mattress.


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