Basic Guide for Build Your Own Platform Bed


Build your own platform bed – Platform beds are cheap, attractive and solid, and do not have to be an expert joiner to make one himself. With basic skills in construction, the right tools and the right instructions for building a base platform. You can build a bed that is affordable, attractive and lasting long. The following instructions are very simple and basic for building a platform bed. First, if you already have the mattress you intend to use, measure the size of the mattress. Depending on the type of underside of the platform you want to base the size of the platform on the size of the mattress.

You can add about 10-12 inches for a modern build your own platform bed where the mattress is located in the center of the platform. Second, after determining the size of the bed that you want to build, calculate all the wood you will need for the bedside with 2 x 4s. Third, cut 2 x 4s sizes or make them cut to size where you buy them. Fourth, build a simple square or rectangular frame of 2 x 4s from pre-drill holes at the ends of them and attach together with wooden screws. Fifth, measure the width inside the bed frame. And then cut in three or four 2 x 4s for such targets to be used as support braces.

Sixth, the even space consoles support the inside of the bed frame and attach to the frame with wooden screws. Pre-drill holes to the screws that extend from the outside of the bed frame inwards. Seventh, put a piece of plywood or medium density fiberboard (MDF) on top of the bed frame, making it right. The wood must be cut to the right size beforehand. Last, drill holes in the platform screws and use the wood up to secure the platform to the frame. And finished. In the case, build your own platform bed is very easy project guys.

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