Ashley Furniture Platform Bed


Ashley furniture platform bed are great-looking, affordable bedroom furniture alternatives to whipping up a sleek yet powerful air into your bedroom with a lot of oriental presence.  If you want your bedroom to make lasting impressions on those honored to take a peek, these low-set beds won’t fail you. If you want a minimalist effect in your bedroom furniture set where only colors and shapes rule, platform beds make great attractions. What’s great about these beds is their versatility. They sure go with other pieces of furniture you might have which may not necessarily be of the same furniture era. A plain, sharp-edged cherry wood bed, for example, still goes great against even your antique nightstand or side table.  And they have a way of pulling all the other furniture pieces in the room into one harmonized body of decor that just won’t go wrong from whatever angle you choose to behold them.

Although its popularity has spread like crazy, some people still don’t know much about an Ashley furniture platform bed, if they’ve heard about it at all.  For starters, this is a flat, low-profile bed that relies on an inbuilt structure for support. That means it doesn’t come with box springs. This type of bed is propped up by multiple slats or panels of wood or metal running right across its width. What you’ll love most about it is its back-friendly tendencies. If you’re still using a typical bed, you’ve probably had to deal with a bad back every now and then, mostly because of the box springs. With a platform bed, you can bid goodbye to that. Because these low-set beds come by themselves with no springs attached, they can give your back a cushy pampering.  Now, that should make a lot of difference as bedroom furniture!

Another factor that makes an Ashley furniture platform bed a hit, whether adults admit it or not, is that campy feeling you get when you’re on one.  Remember when you were a kid and loved putting your bedding on the floor which you made a bed of with your same-age cousins and friends.  In an odd but interesting way that was exciting for children and it gave them a lot of reason to feel like being in a picnic or some camp. In the same odd but interesting way, that must be how it goes with this whole craze about platform beds – kid or not.

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