All About California King Platform Bed Frames


California king platform bed frames – Do you are considering changing your platform bed? So, you should learn the basics of a platform style bed. Modern platform beds are usually higher than traditional frames. However, the mattress sizes that fit these frames are exactly the same. You can buy platform beds in single, double, full, lady, king and California sizes king. The California king size bed became popular on the west coast, but spread across the country soon after it did. California king beds evolved in the 1980s.

These to accommodate the fact that the average American is longer now than during the industrial revolution. California king beds are 4 inches longer and wider than ordinary kings. California king platform bed frames are 20 inches wider than a double bed and 4 inches longer. This size mattress is the longest available on the market. And is perfect for people who are longer than 6 feet and need the extra couple of inches. The total area of a California king is 6048 square inches. California king platform bed frames are also called “Western King.” Choose a California king rather than a regular king or queen bed if you are extremely tall. The bed is custom made to fit this bed.

When choosing a cal king size mattress, measure your bed before purchasing the mattress. These to ensure that you have chosen the right type. King size mattress is actually the same length as a queen size mattress. So if you are looking for a longer bed, California king size mattress will suit your needs better. These because a California king size mattress, the bed measures 100-112 inches wide, with 100-106 inches long. Shopping for a California king plate set is more difficult and requires much more consideration. Shipping costs make a California king platform bed frames more expensive if you buy on the east coast or in the Midwest.


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