Advantages Have Ashley Platform Bed


Ashley platform bed is one of the most welcome additions to the current era of bedroom furniture. It’s beloved mostly for its unique ability to combine elegant and casual, grand and humble. If you’ve always been fascinated by this unchallenged favorite, let’s take the bed to a spin and discover exactly what makes people go crazy about it. If you look at the underside of a platform bed, you’ll see it has multiple metal or wood slats that run across its width. These basically provide the bed with support without needing a box spring. A mattress of your choice would then be put on top of the slats to complete the package of this warm, cozy and cost-wise bed. If you haven’t noticed, platform beds are now winning the popularity game in terms of current trends in bedroom design mainly for their natural ability to provide any bedroom with that traditional elegance made exciting by a contemporary style. If balance is your thing, you’ll find a lot of promise in platform beds.

If you’ve been planning to update your bedroom furniture design without shelling out a fortune, an Ashley platform bed could be exactly what you need. You’ll find many designs and styles available once you go around and look for the platform bed that fits your other existing designs and furniture pieces. Platform beds are characteristically low set and this gives them that Japanese or European appeal. If you’d like to veer away from the traditional American furniture style, the platform bed will provide you with the freedom of other designs you can explore for your bedroom furniture.

Aside from the spic and span yet still exciting look it lends any bedroom, you’ll appreciate Ashley platform bed being such cheap furniture. In other words, they’re not only stylish. They’re very practical to have, as well. You may actually even find a platform bed eliminating back strains associated with traditional beds with box springs. With a platform bed, your body is able to curve naturally against your mattress, thus, reducing the pressure against your back. Of course, what follows is a good night’s sleep. Because this type of bed has slats, you can expect no sagging, no broken box springs and just generally a neat-looking, good performing bed inside and out.


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